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union4host Advisory Notification

We are currently experiencing network problems in our Lenoir Data Center. Some customers may be experiencing a loss of network connectivity. Our Network engineers are investigating root cause as they work towards resolution. We will provide status updates until the problem has been resolved. We apologize for the impact this is having on your business.

If your contact information is incorrect or has recently changed or you feel you have received this notification in error, please kindly provide us with your new details so we can ensure you do not miss any future communications.

support team will be available for assistance 24/7. For questions, concerns, or to report a problem about this notification, please contact US





Date of Incident Report: Friday, May 17, 2019
Point of Contact: Waqas Siddiqui, Director of Network Engineering

Incident Date: Friday, May 17, 2019
Description: CentriLogic experienced internet transit issues out of our Lenoir Data Center
Duration of Incident: 8 :45am EST to 11 :55am EST (3 hours and 10 mintues)

Incident Summary
On Friday May 17, 2019, Centrilogic NOC began receiving alarms from one of our distribution switches. The
network team began triaging and found the device had abnormally high cpu utilization, resulting in intermittent
connectivity. In an attempt to restore service the device was reloaded triggering a hardware failure in the one
of the supervisor cards causing the device to fail to boot. Replacement hardware was immediately replaced
and software configurations were loaded. Once the device was returned to service the high cpu utilization
resumed. CL network engineers worked to determined the cause of the high cpu utilization and isolated the
source to be a specific customer. Once the source was identified the customers service was terminated and the device was restored to normal operations. Root Cause High CPU utilization due to abusive traffic Mitigation Steps
CL will review device configuration in an attempt to mitigate and future occurrences. Review trouble shooting to identify and to restore services quickly..

Union4host and CentriLogic sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you wish to have further
details on this incident, please contact US

 Scheduled on 05/17/2019 08:30:00  Status In-Progress  Estimated finish 05/17/2019 14:44:00

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Sorry But We Have Update in Blog And knowledgebase
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