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COVID19 Update

While these are unsettling times for many industries we wanted to offer some clarity on the current operations at our Union4Host Lenoir Data Center.

Our business continuity and pandemic plan has been activated to ensure the critical staff, supplies, and logical access are available for continuous operations in all areas of our service offerings and highest availability for our infrastructure. We are confident that this business continuity plan is well thought out, agile, and effective as we all navigate this fast-changing situation.

We have all intentions to keep the Lenoir Datacenter staffed with on-site personal 24/7/365. We have made adjustments to the layout of onsite staff to limit in-person proximity. In addition, we have equipped and are enabling the majority of our employees to work-from-home via video conferencing and unified messaging tools, which helps ensure consistency of support resources and continuity of service.

Based on currently available information, we continue to modify our practices and take new steps to ensure that we are providing quality service to our customers, reducing risks to our employees and their families, and sustaining the seamless operation of our business.

Thank you for your cooperation and your business. Union4Host is committed to being a trusted, reliable partner to you during these challenging times.

Update New For Web Hosting Control Solution Version v 2.7.6 , تحديد جديد متاح الان


Now you Have Update New in Web Hosting Control Solution Version v 2.7.6 , Can Clients Update Now

Last Version Download in Client Area for license ِActive or Support license ِ



الآن لديك تحديث جديد في إصدار حلول التحكم في استضافة المواقع Web Hosting Control Solution الإصدار 2.7.6 ، يمكن للعملاء تحديث الآن

تحميل الإصدار الأخير في منطقة العميل لتراخيص النشطه او طلب ترخيص او تجديد الترخيص

Web Hosting Control Solution Version v 2.7.6

Update in Client Area - تحديثات فى منطقه العميل

Update in Client Area ,

The developer team is updating the customer area, No Stop in Products & Services



تحديثات فى منطقه العميل

يقوم فريق المطورين بتحديث منطقه العملاء  , سوف لا يحدث اى توقف فى الخدمات 

شكرا لكم

No Stop in Products & Services
لا يحدث اى توقف فى الخدمات

New Cpanel Price and Account Tiers

New Cpanel Price and Account Tiers

here link

Admin - Up to 5 Accounts /$20 monthly
Ideal for a small to mid-level agencies and businesses, application developers, and web designers only needing a few accounts.

Pro - Up to 30 Accounts / $30 monthly
Optimal for mid-level businesses and large agencies that are growing. Allows for scalability.

Premier - Up to 100 Accounts Each Account above 100 Accounts 0.20 each / $45 monthly
Created for data centers, enterprise level businesses, and larger web hosts


أسعار Cpanel جديدة ومستويات الحساب

هنا الرابط


المسؤول - ما يصل إلى 5 حسابات / 20 دولار شهريا

مثالي للوكالات والشركات الصغيرة والمتوسطة المستوى ومطوري التطبيقات ومصممي الويب الذين يحتاجون إلى عدد قليل من الحسابات فقط.


Pro - ما يصل إلى 30 حسابًا / 30 دولارًا شهريًا

الأمثل للشركات متوسطة المستوى والوكالات الكبيرة التي تنمو. يسمح للتوسع.


Premier - حتى 100 حساب لكل حساب أعلى من 100 حساب 0.20 لكل / 45 دولار شهريًا

تم إنشاؤها لمراكز البيانات ، والشركات على مستوى المؤسسات ، ومضيفات الويب الأكبر


Please not We Know Now when New Cpanel Price Available in our company but to Know Change Cpanel Price any month new but not know any month now

من فضلك لا نعرف الآن عندما يكون سعر Cpanel الجديد متوفرًا في شركتنا ولكن لمعرفة تغيير سعر Cpanel في أي شهر جديد ولكن لا نعرف أي شهر الآن