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Protect servers system adopted by company designed to preserve subscriber sites and resources of servers, providing its dependence on a number of services that are in the end, in the interest of safety lift the server and make it sticks against the penetration and subversion through procedures to ensure the continuity of its excellent performance and Twafiqith with-proclaimed by the software.

fire wall:

Firewall Advanced is installed on the server and set it up, where it is closing all non ports are used to raise the level of protection, as is the protection of TCP / IP layers, and determine the ICMP rate to prevent DDoS attacks, in addition to that is the inauguration of the detector attacks that can detect and identify attacks against the server directly at its start to deal with it before the situation was exacerbated cut off any contact with an attacker with the server.

Protection against spam and viruses:

Installation of filters set up to prevent the sending disturbing messages via the server, through the Protocols of the more than ten protocols have been developed to increase the strength and readiness of the filters in the performance of their role required of them.

HTTP protection from hackers:

The installation of the detector on a malicious Web provider, which will raise the scripts on the server-proclaimed safety, and the protection of those software attacks, whether attacks or unknown origin unknown, making it Dungeons server against a large number of means of attack.

Strengthening the server:

In addition to the basic actions taken by the team to protect the server and to ensure proper installation of the system kernel and control panels and beams to another updated versions of them, the team engineers perform many other operations to become a server.

Temporary Valcildat shared memory is protected to prevent the lifting of harmful files and try operated to influence the server systems, are also stop all non-essential operations performed by the server by default, which may provide an outlet for terrorists could exploit to the detriment of the server, and are also edit the kernel to add a new layer variables protection on the server.

 Prevent DOS attacks on HTTP:

The installation of advanced Bermjat Web provider to provide a system that would provide the reaction mechanism and readiness high to confront and eliminate any attacks from the two types of DoS or DDoS, as the system works excellent performance to prevent attacks against scripts that are installed on the server, making this system distinguishes that it and automatically prevent communication saboteurs to the server to be a preview of the details of the attack by our engineers team.

Daily updates on the protection systems and periodically survey: the installation of software own and of enhancing the quality and safety of the server and that work on the examination of the servers on a daily basis to close any loophole may be open able vandals from tapped to run out to the server, and the functions of the software to do a comprehensive survey of the server on an ongoing basis, and in the case of the discovery of any weakness in the protection system based engineers team processed immediately and install the necessary patches to close security

Control servers:

We install software and special related to monitor the performance of servers and follow-up work All applications hosting plans and distributors hosting system works on the third level 3/3 to monitor the hosting servers to alert us immediately if service stops working or any server crashes because of any Targah conditions, therefore our customers' sites resides on the network always with the provision of the first third-level free for all servers and server for virtual applications.