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Why Us

What sets us apart is the ease at all our options to enjoy the strongest performance of the work and the stability of the servers. If you care about good service orbit are free that one of our customers who are Natz his service.

Performance and power:

What concerns us; ensure that the last thing he thinks the joint is whether his position is available on-line at the moment to its visitors? Since Mstraekna After the experience of our services for a short time they could confirm that their sites will still be available for visitors around the clock without any crashes, and regardless of whether a personal site, or belonging to an organization of hundreds of workers, we put each site hosted our high importance.

Technical support around the clock:

When we mention the technical support we do not mean one person handles all subscribers problems, as is the case in most of the hosting service providers, but that we have a team integrated consists of a number of engineers in the field of networking and programming, as well as technicians first job is to help you to overcome any obstacle you might encounter in your management.

competitive prices :

The choice of exchange hosting plans we offer after careful study of the market, as the prices compared to the resources that we provide to subscribers, both in terms of space or data transfer, is the prices are very competitive and economic, we do not put profit a priority for us on the quality of services we provide to our customers account.

Data Center :

Choose geographical appropriate for servers area, which hosts your site longer is extremely necessary if your site no matter what you do, Vakhawadm American and European knew the quality of the services provided by the sites hosted by that, and the geographical location, which makes it far from repeated in many other areas of the data centers of natural disasters, It makes it the first choice for those looking for peace of mind for more details can visit the page data centers ..

Experience :

We use the latest technology in the field of servers processing, our team continues to work to update our servers with the latest what is displayed in our field, on the one hand materiel, operating systems and software, thus ensuring keep pace wheel rapidly evolving so we always stay in the foreground.

Hosting vulnerable and safe:

We can evaluate our servers as the safest on a technical level, thanks to the secure servers followed our system, in addition to automated periodic survey, which is on all our servers to discover any gaps or weaknesses in the immunization servers against attempts by vandals, the team is updating operating systems and software-proclaimed on servers and installing patches Secretary-go to avoid any command can be exploited to the detriment of sites that Ooltena confidence for more details can visit the page How can we protect our servers?

 Security company site and content and data Michfarh:

Do not hesitate to always protect all customer data and applications and pay on the company's website Vnkhtlv from most other hosting services providers, company that provides in conjunction with the world's largest companies serving the security of the site SSL 256-bit Secure for official certification company saw that page