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powefull and complete SMS service on API Integration.

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SMS Platform is designed to create a dynamic dialogue between your business and its customers.

SMS Platform is a mobile messaging solution that enables you to develop faster and customise your communication solution. Equipping you with real-time communication tools.


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API Integration

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How to send messages via HTTP

This information need to a developer, programmer or specialist 


  1. Post Or Get Method
  2. Send single or multiple mobile numbers
  3. Send immediately or schedule your messages
  4. Send in English or Arabic or Unicode contents
  5. Smart filter for mobile numbers
  6. Full report inside your account panel ( Menu >> Reports >> API SMS )
  7. Smart response codes
Parameters URL:
Username= Go to API Integration in panel
password= Go to API Integration in panel
language= 1: For English 
2: For Arabic 
3: For Unicode
sender= Your Registered SenderID
Mobile= 2011XXXXXX,2012XXXXX,2010XXXXX,
  • Multiple mobile numbers (Max1000 in Get / Max 5000 in Post per request)
  • New line in Arabic Message must be replaced by || from your side
  • sender: must be registered Sender ID)
  • mobile: Mobile Number, multiple mobile numbers can be separated by commas
  • comma (',') should be URL encoded).
  • message: The Short message ( 160 characters for plain text & 280 characters for Unicode & 70 characters for Arabic ).
  • The Long message (153 characters for plain text & 268 characters for Unicode & 67 characters for Arabic)/Part
Response Codes
1901 Success, Message Submitted Successfully
1902 Invalid URL , This means that one of the parameters was not provided
1903 Invalid value in username or password field
1904 Invalid value in "sender" field
1905 Invalid value in "mobile" field
1906 InsufficientCredit
1907 Server under updating
1908 Invalid Date & Time format in DelayUntil= parameter